Universal compression/traction machine 300kN

Norme: NF EN 13286-34/40/41/42/43/47/53 - NF EN 12697-12
Reference: I09 250
Fonction: Etudes du comportement des matériaux en compression et traction
Alimentation: 380V tri - 3500W
Dimension: 1100 x 760 x 2040mm
Weight:1200 kg

Universal compression/traction machine   Compression: 300kN - Traction: 150kN Frame with 2 screwing columns high accuracy Numerical servomotor  Power: 380V tri - 3500W Spindel travl: 1200mm Piloting in force, in strength rate from 0 to 50kN/sec, in displacement from 0,001 to 100 mm/min Size: 1100 x 760 x 2040mm - weight: 1200 kg Delivered with PC computer, 250kN force sensor, 20mm displacement sensor, Basic software for piloting